Can you take the Drawn In pledge?

 checkbox I will never propose or encourage a child moving from a school unless it is in the evidenced best interest of the child.
 checkbox I will never advocate or action the moving of a child as a route to improving school results.
 checkbox I will not use any method to reduce the attractiveness of my school to particular groups of pupils.
 checkbox I will actively review our processes and messaging on a regular basis to ensure that we do not create a sense that some groups are not welcome in our school.
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Why is the Drawn In Pledge important?

There is some evidence that excluding children is being used as a tool for improving a school’s results. Some schools appear to be parking, moving or removing children whose potential results are likely to bring down the overall school performance.

In many cases this is not overt. Tactics are used which make the school less appealing to some groups – so they ‘opt’ to go elsewhere.

But not all schools. There are many schools who achieve good results with an inclusive approach to a diverse intake. This is a pledge that these schools – and the individuals within them – can make easily.  In pledging we stand up to say that inclusion is not over.